woensdag 19 december 2012

Gifts and memories from Ecolonie

a bunch of stuff with sentimental value laying on my bed

Around the clock: a note from a card reading with José, Bianca and Michael, a portrait of Lilian, a package of notes from an information evening about the gardens with Michel, örmus in a bottle, a bee I got from Enes, charcoal from the campfire, a piece of cloth I used to sew a heart on my trousers, a note from Hidde about the breakfast that he left on my door when I was eating pancakes at Forge Neuve, a stone I found on the porch, a card from Enes, a note from Nora that helped me deal with a difficult situation, DIY-dried plantain (weegbree) in a bag, a boat that Mike folded for me, in it's shadow a candle that says 'night queen' (guess from who?), an origami bird from Aki, an elder wooden ring from Michael, a dried flower of which I had lots in my blokhut, a chamomile or feverfew (moederkruid) flower that was picked somewhere, a heart I got from Irma, a letter from Bianca for me and Enes, a flower that we kept in Aqua, a drawing on which I wrote the email adresses of Maartje, Alicia and someone I don't remember, a note from Aki on which he spelled his own name in Japanese and the name of Haruki Murakami, two bags of tea (apple and plantain) from Michael and a little piece of cardboard from Bianca that says 'from the moment of commitment, nature conspires to help you'.

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