dinsdag 18 december 2012

I left this city, now I can't find it back

I was walking in nature today, allowing my thoughts to take me on a train, talking to myself, singing to the weather, because when I notice the weather in English, I am thrown into this song that goes like 'whatever the will of the weather/whether it shines or snows/where-ever I'm going I go/in search of a rose' which is simply always true if your name is Roos, this is prove that being in weather (a.k.a. the outside) brings me back to myself, and my voice got louder and louder, until I noticed that I spoke, dwelling and dreaming, jumping to conclusions, this sentence: 'I have so many people in my life right now'. When I looked around, however, I saw only trees. This was a startling experience. I paused.
I have so many trees in my life right now, I adjusted quietly.
I giggled.
I started walking again.
The quality of the walk was improved.

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